Windows 7 runs great with 1 5gb sdr

can any 1 tell me or guid me dat windows 7 will run fine with 1.5gb sd ram and 1.7 ghz P4 or not????
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  1. It would run on it, but with a pc that old, would you not be better off to put that money towards a new one with W7 on it.
    In any case use the Windows Upgrade Advisor.
  2. Quote:
    can any 1 tell me or guid me dat windows 7 will run fine with 1.5gb sd ram and 1.7 ghz P4 or not????

    Yes, it will probably run. But FWIW...

    I ordered an Athlon 64 X2 4400 w/1GB of ram running Vista Home Premium for my mother(her compute needs are low) from Dell. The system was complaining about limited system resources, crashing and giving BSOD. After a few discussions with Dell, I was happy that not only were they professional and courteous they readily accepted my return.

    So now over a year later, I was considering upgrading 3 of my XP machines to Win7 and I am now reconsidering as I believe they will need RAM upgrades. The machines are a 3.0ghz ht P4 with 1.5GB, a 2.0ghz Sempron 3500 with 2.0gb and an 2.2ghz Athlon 64x2 4200 with 2.0gb.

    The reason I am reconsidering is performance issues that I have with my 2.4gz C2Q q6600 with 2GB running Vista. It seems that the Aero implementation in Vista(also in Win7) allocates a portion of system RAM as shared system memory( which I believe is hardcoded at 767MB). The shared system memory is supposed to be "available" for other applications to use. But my system has an affinity for hard page faults rather than using the "available" shared system memory. The page faults are severly impacting performance that even my quad core can't overcome. And what is really a kick in the pants, is that I have an HD3650 graphics card with 1GB of dedicated ram(so, why should I need any "shared system memory")! So, my research indicates that the issue still exist in Windows 7 and I am considering that my minimum ram for Win7 and Vista should really be 4GB, and that is really only to support surfing, 2d gaming and watching live tv.

    Lol, I 've tried turning Aero off - but the ram is still allocated. I don't have a copy of Vista Home Basic or Windows 7 Starter to see if they will actually not allocate system ram as "shared system memory".
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