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Hi, I have recently started to use this wonderful mouse and keyboard emulation software for gamepads and joysticks and i really like it. However i am facing a small problem which i couldn't solve .. i have a dual shock gamepad with 2 analog joysticks. Now i have the right one mapped to mouse and left one to wasd keys. While using the right joystick, the mouse cursor moves normally..but the moment i move the left joystick too (at the same time), the cursor accelerates to rocket speed and i can't control anything. Is there anyway to stop the increased acceleration when i move the left joystick too ? Its supposed to be used as w a s d keys and not to control the mousing. Please help !!
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  1. best send a support ticket here as its a very specific problem. have you tried the free version of xpadder? try it and see if it gives the same problem. if so then its likely a limitation of microsofts pad controller software.
    sorry thats about as much advice as i can offer atm as my knowledge on this app is limited... i will try my dual action later and post the results...
  2. is it accelerating or is it actually moving to where you're pointing the thumbsticks?

    I'm thinking you have both thumbsticks mapped as one, which results in input being doubled when you use the left stick toghether with the right. Make sure that you have separate x and y axis for each thumb stick
  3. Thanx fellas but solved it myself. I had the right stick mapped to mouse and left one to wasd alright, but had also experimentally set the left axis to accelerate the mouse when its pushed >85%. Just had to delete that assignment and all's back to normal.
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