can a cpu be underclocked?

Well, I know this is an overclockers form, but I was wondering if a cpu can be underclocked if the mobo supports slower speeds. And if it is possible, will it run cooler? I have a Duron 800 on asus a7v and was wondering if I can shave of a few degrees by going to 700 or 750.

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  1. just unlock it and move the multplers down to what ever speed you want
  2. You can, but I doubt you'll realise much of a heat saving.

    Are you close to 'very hot' or trying to get from 40 to 35 degrees?

    Usually CPUs get hotter because they are doing something or overclocked. Overclocking often requires voltage increae, which is what really adds to the CPU heat.... I doubt you can reduce you voltage and remain stable, but if you can, have a go.

    If you bought a decent HSF, you could increase speed and get cooler.... ;o) Whatever you do, you need to unlock your processor.

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  3. It'll make a difference, but if your temps are that bad, upgrading to a little arctic silver might be a good alternative.

    These AMD chips are made to run hot, and take the heat as well. If you are getting instability at stock speed, you've got a heatsink that's mounted wrong or you need at least an intake fan on your case. With AMD, the powersupply fan just doesn't cut it anymore.
  4. Thanx guys. My Duron 800 runs at 38 at idle and 42 at max with a fop38 on. I guess that's not too bad. I'll just get some arcticsilver II soon and see if that helps. I'm not getting any stability problems, but I just like things kool. The system is rock solid and it flys. I think I will stay at this speed (800). Thanx for you suggestions.

    :cool: Since we cannot get what we like, let us like what we can get
  5. yes i have a pentium 233 and just for the heck of it i underclocked to 90MHz but i put it back up!! who wants 90MHz??!?!?!

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  6. hehe i just underclocked my cpu to 450 mHZ ROFL

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  7. If I recall correctly underclocking the multiplier at the same time bumping up the FSB (assuming you're using a KT133a mobo) may very well increase the performance. But this won't help with heat though I don't think you have to worry much about that since you're running under 45 C max. Doing this will still increase the temp so you may want to look into a nice HSF if you decide to go this way.

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  8. There should be any reason that you need anymore for the Duron 800, anymore will be overkill. 38 to 42 is quite good. Artic Silver is good, but you don't really need it for this setup especially that you have a FOP38 on there.
    If cooling is what you are worrying about, try keeping the case cool instead. Cool case = happy stuff.
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