Why my prototype game keep asking about send report error


why my prototype game keep asking about send report error? did update for the specs like Windows Service Pack 3 for XP and still got a 34gb left... Tnx in advance for answers / solutions.
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  1. when an app requests you send an error report, depending on whether it wants to send the report to the devs or microsoft will tell you whether the application crashed or its a problem with the o.s. both should show up in the admintools/event viewer.
    its there that you will find the reason for the crash.
    best thing to do in either case is send the report as the devs can use it to patch the game and m.s can use it to create a hotfix.

    either way the best thing you can do is patch the game and see if the problem persists.
  2. Hi,

    I apologize, I've been busy this past weeks.

    Yes, you have answered my question perfectly and I thank you so much.

    With=A0The Tom's Hardware community team, the best!

    Thank you again

    Vall iii :sol: :sol:
  3. BTW, is it much better if I upgrade my RAM to 2GB? is there a possible way that my laptop will crush?
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