PS3 on Samsung PC Monitor UPDATE

Hey Guys,

I just got the necessary cables/adaptors to get started setting up my PS3 on my Samsung PC Monitor. But now I am having problems making it work.

I got this HDMI to DVI Adaptor (Not Cable) and it seems that my Monitor won't detect the connection with the PS3.

This are the cables I have:

Now I have this Samsung EX1920 LED Monitor. Its an 18.5" and has a native resolution of 1360x768.

I was using this PS3 on a CRT TV using the Composite Cable (Red,White,Yellow).

Can you guys help me set this up? I heard that you needed an HDCP Ready Monitor and my Monitor seem to have support on it when I looked into Samsung Website.

Im more focused on getting the Video up. Once that is done then Ill go ask about Sound Set up.
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  1. HDMI connections do require HDCP for video. I don't see where your monitor supports HDCP.
  2. Here is some I got:

    on the link you gave me it has HDCP thing on Features Tab.

    IF ever my Monitor doesn't really support HDCP then what other alternative connection will work with this Monitor connected on a PS3?

    But please lets stay on what I wanted, HDMI to DVI Connection since those were the ones I have right now. :)
  3. You did switch the PS3's video over to HDMI, correct? You said previuosly it was set for composite.
  4. Yes i have setup the display. I know how to reset the display settings on ps3 by holding the power button when turning it on until it gives a beep. The monitor doesnt detect the digital connection. I dont really know if my monitor does support hdcp because some sites says it has and some says it doesn't.

    If there is no way running the ps3 through hdmi to dvi then what possible connection can i do to make it work? What video cables do i need?
  5. Unfortunately if you want high def, you must use HDMI or component (not composite). I don't think the component connection requires a HDCP capable display in order to show a picture.
  6. Well what specific cables/adaptors should i get? And if ever component works, will i get it to display atleast 720p?
  7. Your monitor would need component connections. you would purchase component cables. yes component suports HD resolutions (see chart in link below).

    A picture of the different cables.
  8. Hmm so component cables are needed. What else do i need? My monitor only has VGA and DVI ports in it....
  9. I'm not sure as Ive never used component cables on devices that didn't have component inputs. I have used component cables on other devices that were attached to tv's/monitors that had component inputs and was able to get HD video on the display. My tivo comes to mind.

    They might make adapters of some kind, but the input on the monitor would still need to be able to support DHCP. This make me wonder if your DVI connection supports DHCP. I would have to assume yes unless your monitor has a HDMI input.
  10. I don't think my Monitor Supports HDCP after a few more research.

    Im not too familiar with component cables. The one that came with PS3 is a Component Cable right? If so then I guess all I need is a Component to VGA Adaptor or something to make a connection.
  11. I'm not sure what connections came with the ps3. It's been a few years since I set mine up (HDMI) and haven't messed with the configuration since.
  12. Ps3 manual says its an AV cable. That cable is unique since the connector that goes to ps3 is made specifically for PS3. I dont know if there is special adaptor for that so ill just give it up for now...
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