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HI ,
I have a duron800 which can overclock to 1 GHZ.recently i got my infineon ram which tested on pc150 222. SO i unlock my duron and set the multi to 6.5 and the fsb 150 to clock it to 975 MHZ. No luck ... may i know is the problem on the ram or my duron? thanks for the tips

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  1. What is your motherboard?
  2. my mobo is a7v 133a
  3. I haven't heard of anyone overclocking a Duron to 150 Mhz. I don't mean that it fails just never heard of anyone trying it.

    Did you try to get there in stages like 7.5 x 133 Mhz first? Or 5 x 150 just to see if the CPU will even operate at 150 mhz FSB?
  4. yup i tried to unclock it but using 150 FSB no luck....so i was wondering is it because if the cpu bottleneck or the ram . someone know the answer ?
  5. anandtech.com had a big write up on this, seems initial boot uses the original multiplier settings with your new fsb, until it hits a point during the POST.
    odds are you don't pass @ 8 x 150.
    check the site out, find the article about the bridges, drop the multiplier down on the processor itself, then go again...

    why, oh WHY, is the world run by morons?
  6. Sorry, I'm reading that it works at 133mhz but not at 150mhz. Is this correct?

    What is the highest FSB speed that does work?

    Perhaps you are running into AGP and PCI problems. Maybe a PCI card does not like being overclocked.
  7. It must be POSTing. AlstonLoong stated that he has changed the multiplier to 6.5 and the FSB to 150mhz.
  8. well is highest it can go is under 150 fsb. it can run 147 stable but not 150 fsb. Well other ppl can get the cpu to run at 150 or more in stable condition..thats why i was wondering is it because the bottleneck of my ram.
  9. Perhaps the northbridge is overheating.

    Have you tried testing with the case open with a heavy duty fan blowing into the open space?

    This may sound counter-intuitive but I have heard that some people can overclock the FSB a little further on the A7V133 by lowering the I/O voltage. I think the default voltage on that board is intentionally set high at 3.56 volts. See what happens if you set it closer to spec which is 3.3 volts.

    I don't really know. I'm using an Abit KT7 and I'm stuck with FSB at 106 mhz. (Damn the KT133 chipset).

    Good luck.
  10. For some of the reviews that I have read the some of the kt133a mobos only make the 140's for fsb seems to be more common on the early boards.

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