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I'm building a new computer and the last thing i have to do is find a good cooling system. Im using a Athlon 1.33GHz so i know that it will get hot. I am also going to use a CI-7004 case from w/ 300w p/s. This is my first computer that im going to put to geather so i dont really have any ideas for a good cooling system. Can some one point me in the right direction?

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  1. I think some of the crazy people here might recommend water cooling or some other expensive crazy thing. It kind of depends on your budget and preference. If you hate noise, I think people would reccomend the Noisecontrol Silverado. Personally, I think it's DAMN expensive and not worth it. I have a Thermaltake Super Orb on one of my boards and I think it works great. I also have a Vantec FCE-62450D on one, that works great too. Other good coolers are the GlobalWin ones, but I heard you have to assemble these and you don't have to assemble the Vantec cooler. You have a few choices. One thing to keep in mind is your motherboard. Not all coolers fit on all motherboards. If there are a lot of capacitors (those black/green cylinders) close to your socket, then you might go for a smaller cooler.

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  2. Instead of the SuperOrb, try a VolcanoII, it works a bit better (according to reviews and reports from users) and makes less noise. The shape is also more standard, so if you want to change the fan you won't have problems.
  3. Yee Ha , try the new globle win fob38 hair dryer

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  4. Ok somewone said it would depend on my motherboard. I am going to use a ASUS A7A266 because im using DDR Ram. I understand what you guys recomended for fans/heat sinks but want i wanted to know more is what exactly will i need? how many fans? and i read toms review for the silverado and it said it didnt meant AMDs requirements for wieght. I have leterally no knowledge when it comes to cooling i was just woundering if someone could help. OH and im willing to spend about $100 totle on cooling maybie alittle more.


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  5. you only have to worry about the wieght issues if you move it alot
  6. You should also consider getting some case fans. 1 at the front bottom (in) and 1 at the top or top back (out). With a 1.33GHz CPU you will need plenty of airflow..

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  7. Ok, I think the Volcano II or the Vantec heatsink will work on your board without problems. That will run you about $25. I would recommend some case fans too. One in the front sucking air in and one in the BACK sucking air out. Most cases come with places to put standard fans (80 mm) already. I have never put a fan up top, I just put them in the default places. But I hear it's BAD to put one on top as it messes up the airflow aroudn the CPU, eventhough I'm sure people will argue against that. I would also recommend Arctic Silver II as your thermal compound. So all together it's Heatsink ($25) , 2 fans $(10-20) depending on what kind, Arctic Silver II ($10). So total about $50 and you should have a pretty cool case.

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  8. Read my review on the VolcanoII in this forum. Since I don't own the FOP-32, I don't know how it compares to the VolcanoII, but I do know how they both compair to another fan from Tom's review that I do own, and it works well.

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  9. OK just one more question i checked out fans for my case there were 3 choices

    26.2CFM/22.5dBA (3 pin)
    26.2CFM/22.5dBA (4 pin)
    50.0CFM/41.0dBA (4 pin)

    What means what? and witch one would work best for me?

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  10. The 50cfm fan would move the most air, but be the noisiest. The 26.2, 4 pin would be a little quieter and cost a little less. The 3 pin version most likely will be able to have it's rpm monitored and plug into one of the mb connectors. For case airflow, the 50cfm is the way to go.

    As for the weight issue, I've heard that when you have a very heavy fan mounted and the mb vertical, it can cause the hsf to sag and not make good contact with the die. While I seriously doubt this would be an issue it's something to consider. And yes, if you move the computer around a lot it can knock the hsf loose and go crashing through the computer more easily. But once again, I doubt this would be an issue, but that's why AMD has the weight limitation. I have an mc462 which weighs twice what that one does, but it mounts with bolts through the mb, weight is not an issue at all with it. However, free space around the cpu is and I had to modify it to make it fit my Asus a7m266. Make sure you do a little research before you buy, but Tom's rated it to be the best cooler on the market right now...

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  11. Don't get too stressed about the weight as long as it is moderate. The AMD weight restriction is a limit for units that are going to be shipped (like UPS) so it applies primarily to OEM's. Remove your heavy cooler prior to shipping.
  12. You may want to check out the new thermo engine heat sink and fan unit. It looks like a really cool cooler (joke, get it?)

    Anyway, here is the link:

    Also, the above web site has a good cooler review as well. You may want to check that out too.


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