BF3 8v8 Draft League hosted by Championship Gaming League


Are you interested in competitive gaming for BF3 but lack the people or even a team altogether? Well here is your chance to mix it up with some of the best out there! Get noticed, join a new team, pick up new members, or just have some fun in a competitive atmosphere.

You are probably asking yourself "*** is a draft league?". Well the short of it is, it's basically a pick up game style league. You register as a free agent and you get a player rating. Team captains draft from the free agents to build a team. then once all the teams are made you play a league tournament. Don't worry if you don't get picked in the draft as there will be a free agent pool for captains to pick more people as some will not show or leave as the league progresses. Now that we are done with that. MOAR information.

Sign ups are now live. please head over to and sign up as a free agent and get your rating to see were you stand with the other players. This is a conquest league, the map list will consist of air and ground maps. So all you pilots out there get ready to dust off those sticks! We have team captains from such clans as World Klass Assassins, Crucial, Crimson, Those Guys, and Nexus to name a few. Please have a mic. Coms will be hosted by team captains.

Another fun fact is that anyone drafted is guaranteed to play in one round of every match that they show up to.

The draft date has not been set yet, but it should be within the next 2 weeks. with the league going live about 1 after the draft.

The draft will be shout casted live by el_beast and chuckster on twitch tv.
Cant make the live draft then follow us on twitter @thecglcom

Want to here more about the draft league watch this pod cast from our friends el beast and chuckster ft. the man behind the draft league nexus's acutechronic.

I will be updating this post as the league progress. Hope to see you on the battlefield!
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  1. got 168 signed up! let's gogogogogogogogo!
  2. This sounds pretty cool. Too bad I play on xbox :(

    Hope you guys have a good turn out.
  3. hey save those bucks and build a budget rig. :D

    Sign up will be closed friday. so get in there before it's too late!
  4. theasshat84 said:
    hey save those bucks and build a budget rig. :D

    Sign up will be closed friday. so get in there before it's too late!

    I am trying but it will take me until the end of summer to get the rig I want. Am I able to sign up and not play right away? Because when I get a build I might be interested in playing some, but until then I will play my 360.
  5. unfortunately this will be over in about 6 weeks or less. But do not despair! if all goes well with this league it may turn into a by-annual event so there may be one in the fall for you to join into. so get that rig built and keep up with us!
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