Does anyone have a specific water cooling solution

Hi, I am thinking of buying a water cooling system for around 100 to 150, does anyone have any suggestion? Also, does anyone know where I can get more info on installing such a system and how to make sure the water won't "leak"?
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  1. I jus made one from some odd bits of plastic, a peltier and the old heatsink, works pretty well too.
    A homemade plastic cover over the Tbird directs a jet of cold water direct at the die, no thermal paste nothing, just some epoxy holding it on.
    The water is cooled by a peltier, sandwiched between a waterblock and the old Globalwin heatsink.
    does the business, price 88 quid (30 for the waterblock, 40 for the peltier, 18 quid for the pump) mind you I had the power supply for the peltier allready, these can be real pricey.
  2. wtf is a quid?

    "All alone in his own little world"
  3. That little world of yours must be America I guess?
    A quid is what everyone in the UK calls a pound.
  4. actually Canada.

    cool i never knew that. =)

    "All alone in his own little world"
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