Lagging/Jerking On Ridge Racer Unbounded

I experience alot of lagging and jerking on "Ridge Racer Unbounded"
Does anyone else know of or experiences this problem.

Additional Info:
It's not due to low spec as I can run BF3 on ultra.
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  1. It seem to fix it in windowed mode so guess i just have to wait for a patch/fix to come out
  2. are you using an ati/amd card?

    working fine for me with a nvidia gtx570
  3. It should not do it at all and you really don't want to play in window mode do you? If you would like help in fixing it then list all of your specs and your PSU brand and how many watts it is.

    Then we will go from there. You might be waiting a long time for a patch that might not come. It is up to you we are here if you need the help and good luck to you.
  4. Well iv'e had a look around and a few people have the same issue with all perfectly acceptable machines to play it so it must just be a bug.
    GTX 550 Ti
    I can list my specs but I don't think it will help
  5. Yeah your right it is just a bug and you will have to wait for a patch. Thank for posting those links a lot of info. I do how ever wish you the best of luck and I hope they get the bug fixed.

    You could go to there site and bug them for a while. It is worth a go.
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