O/C GeForce 2 GTS!

I have my GeForce 2 up from 200 mhz core and 333 mhz memory to 230 mhz core and 405 mhz memory...
It was done with the registry tweak (coolbits).
Have other people had as good of luck overclocking?
I have no extra cooling anywhere in my computer and it has been running stable for a week.

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  1. I have a Inno3d GeForce2 GTS running at 208Mhz and 420Mhz memory. Stable as a rock
  2. That is awsome!!
    Do you use any other methods of cooling to keep the card stable?
  3. mine is 220/400 solid. over 400 mem gets sh*&y.

  4. My GF2 Pro will do 235 core/475 mem. Also turns my case into a toaster oven so I run stock clock most of the time.

    Somebody call Guinness. I'm about to go zero to drunk in <b>twenty dollars!</b>
  5. I've read that oc'ing the core really doesn't improve performance that much (Anandtech). The card has a memory bottleneck and oc'ing the mem clock is where you see real performance gains. Of course, if you just want numbers for bragging, then do a you wish.

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  6. When I get up to 380 on mem, my fps doesn't change at all. That's when I bump my gpu up to 205, and there's a huge speed increase for the gpu (that's not there if you don't oc your mem). So the gpu gets saturated around 380, but an increase of 5mhz on the gpu solves it. I can run 218/405 without any artifacts on my leadtek Pro.
  7. That's pretty interesting. Right now I've got my MSI Geforce 2Pro at 209/410. I used an artifact tester I found this forum. Right now I get no artifacts. What are you using to do your benchmarks? I'd like to see if I get the same results.

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  8. Benchmarks? I tried a couple of programs a while back, but they kept crashing. Deus Ex and Unreal Tourney are my benchmarks. I usually just find a really dark area and look around for white speckles/artifacts. If there ain't nun, I call it good to go.....
  9. What? You can only go to 410 without artifacts or crashes on a pro? My pro comes clocked at 401 on the mem by default, Hercules GF2 Pro. I can run up to 475 with no artifacts, but little unstable. Below 475 Im fine with the stock mem heatsinks for stability and artifacts, just heats my case up too damn much. Guess I need more then one 80mm fan in there, got space for 60mm in the back.

    Somebody call Guinness. I'm about to go zero to drunk in <b>twenty dollars!</b>
  10. Are you checking with your eyes or with a program. I thought that I was fine at around 440, but I downloaded an artifact detector and it let me know I was dead wrong. Now, I have no proof that the tester works perfectly, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. If you have another program, let me know.

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  11. I tried registry tweaks and other 2nd, 3rd party overcloker utilities, like the one that adds OC to Nvidia
    6.50...etc. And I didn't like the way any of them worked.

    So am I a wussie for using the stock Asus utilities??, lol

    What I want to know from you guys is what temps you are getting with these clock speeds...My stock Asus utility
    reports the temp...Which to me anyway, is more important than the extra few mhz you get from the other utilities.

    I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.
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