WTH? Still not able to perform account registration for EQII

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What the hell is going on at SOE?

How hard is it to put the slightest information messages to people who pay
money for a game they cannot register?

I mean, just put a "server is down" in the response object.

Put something up on your website Sony.

This is REALLY a bad first impression for EQ II.

Can't login to my old station account (correct name and password) on the
Can login to my old account in the launchpad, but cannot add a forum name
(which for some completely idiotic and retarded reason prevents you from
playing EQ, as if I could give a **** about the forums.)

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.games.everquest (More info?)

    Turns out that a family member had blocked cookies from 'sony.com' domains
    (even though I had station cookies on 'always allow.')

    Sony needs to slap their HTML/DHTML/Web Services idiots for not checking to
    see if cookies are being persisted. Idiots. It takes about 30 seconds of
    code writing to do that.

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