My Skyrim sound cuts/glitches after a few minutes of play

Hey there,

When I play Skyrim, I get into playing and get all emersed in gameplay then suddenly when I get onto a loading screen my sound will glitch and make crazy noises resulting on my being almost deafened and having to pull off my headset. I never have a problem like this with any of the other games I play. I'm using a Sound Blaster X-FI Titanium, brand new.

Any information on what this could be would be very appreciated
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  1. have you patched your game?
    have you installed all the proper drivers for your sound card?
    have you set windows audio to 44100hz?
  2. The game is up to date, as well are the drivers.
    I have changed the audio to 44100hz down from 48000hz. Hoping it will make a difference, thanks for the ideas :)
  3. Still getting the problem, any other ideas as to what it could be?
  4. hmm, then I'm out of ideas this definitely has something to do with skyrim, since it's had problems with surround sound cards since the beginning. alternatively, set your system to stereo mode (not surround, and try then).

    Try to look on skyrimnexus for possible similar issues and solutions. And if you find absolutely nothing then submit a ticket to bethesda support so they could look into why their game is acting up with this card.
  5. are you running the card on 24bit mode or 16bit mode? If you haven't tried 16bit mode, try that first. I know it resolved a friend's issue with sound in Skyrim on his audigy.
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