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I have a Slot A Athlon 850 @ 900 with 9x100 (GFD card). The system posts but won't boot at 9.5x100 normally, but i find it does when I disable the external cache. My calculation is the cache at 950mhz is running at 360mhz or so given the 850's 2/5 cache divisor. This is beyond the stock value of any slot Athlon. I've seen stuff about WCPUL2, a program that used to be around for changing the cache divisor via software. Can't find it anywhere tho, h-oda.com seems to have discontinued it. Any help on how I can finish making my system reach 1ghz?
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  1. The URL below leads to a page where you can download Mathlon..........WCPUA.............WCPUA2..........all of which do the same thing, allow you to modify the L2 cache divisor.

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