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I have age of empires 3 the warchiefs and while i am playing the game, it minimizes multiple number of times. plz help me to stop this minimizing!!! :bounce:
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  1. I have a similar issue--I have two monitors and run all my games in windowed-full screen, and have my games (primarily WoW) periodically alt-tab several times for a couple seconds. If I didn't run in windowed it would be minimizing.

    It happens intermittently and I have no idea where to start tracking down the offending program...
  2. Please don't make two threads of the same topic.
  3. You don't happen to be running AVG antivirus? If so, you might want to go into the settings and set it on gaming mode. I know that's what was causing the minimizing for me.
  4. Usually this is a result of some program running in the background (including MS programs like the sidebar programs ) -- try closing all other programs that are running to figure out which is causing the minimizing.
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