I need help w/cooling

Okay, I'm getting frustrated with my CPU temperature. In Tom's Hardware Review of the <A HREF="http://www4.tomshardware.com/cpu/00q4/001211/cpu_cooler-14.html#swiftech_mc3700a" target="_new">Swiftech MC370-OA</A>, it says that the temperature got as low as <b>35°C</b>.

But in my computer, I've gotten it down to currently 44°C. I've rearranged all cables and cords so that they don't obstruct airflow too much, cleaned my CPU and reapplied a very thin layer of Arctic Silver II. Plus, I've added 2 80mm fans: one intake in the bottom front and 1 exhaust in the back space provied on the back panel. Before all these mods, it was at 49°C. But right now, I haven't even overclocked it yet!

Any suggestions? This was my first time building a computer, so maybe I screwed up??? (Nah...)

Computer Specs:
ATX Mid-Tower with 300watt power supply
256MB SDRAM (Crucial.com)
Asus A7V133, Socket A, VIA KT133A Chipset mobo
AMD Athlon T-bird 800MHz (they sent me an 850MHz though... :smile: )
ATI Radeon 32 SDRAM AGP4x Graphic Card
Swiftech MC370-OA Cooler (used in conjunction with Arctic Silver II)
IBM DTLA-307030, UltraATA/100, 30GB, 7200RPM Hard Drive
Creative Soundblaster Live! PCI
3Com 3C905B-TX-NM Fast Etherlink XL PCI 10/100 TX NIC
CompUSA Generic 3.5 Floppy Disk Drive
Two (2) 30mm antec fans; one in the bottom front of the case and one in the provided spot in the back, kinda, below the CPU

Please help me out...I'd really appreciate it...
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  1. From what I have abserved it seems that the a7v133 reports about 10c high and that would put you at 34c though this seems a few deg high for an 800 tbird.

  2. Where did you find the information that the Asus A7V133 reports 10°C higher? I would like to see the information for myself. :smile:

    If it is at 34°C :eek: , it sounds awesome enough for me...

  3. That info is based on what I have abserved on the forums that I read on a regular basis (everyday) if you serch this forum you will see that there are many users with that board and most of them report high temps roughly 10c hihger than normal.

  4. That's good enough for me...
    Thanks! :smile:

    I've just had my CPU OC to 1000MHz (133fsb x 7.5) and my temps now at 45°. So, that would mean that my temps really at 35°, and that it's done it's job.
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