Really annoying freezing!? :(

Hello there
My computer will random freeze up , so i checked the event viewer in windows 7 and before every unexpected shutdown this error showed : "Driver ACPI returned invalid ID for a child device (3)". Event ID 56

I have : Flashed the BIOS , ran Memtest to check ram , done many virus scans with AVG and Avast , checked if anything (CPU etc) was over heating , re-installed windows 7 completely with various versions.
and also reinstalled all MOBO drivers.

Extra info
1) I have Ubuntu dual booted on my PC , and this problem NEEVER happens. Thats the reason im confused how it could be a hardware problem!
2) When i try and install windows XP the installation halts at 34 minutes where it says "installing devices"
Any ideas whats wrong?
Or is my only other option to buy a new motherboard?
REALLY sorry for the long question but this has been happening for a long time now and its very frustrating!

Thanks very much in advance! This problem is very annoying!
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  1. It seems to be a driver issue, try updating your ACPI driver.
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