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Know a way/place to get Skyrim PC cheap?

I don't mind paying for Skyrim but not twice. My acc. on Steam got hacked, asshole took over 400$ of games. Bs... I am not paying for Skyrim twice. Call me a criminal but is there anyway to get Skyrim cheap? 1-35$? Or how often does it come on sale on Steam??? isn't there a way, like buying a, i.e. Russian game activation code and changing the language? Is that too hard and are there consequences/downturns?

Lastly, please don't just tell me to buy the game again. I don't want to spend 800$ and 400 is wasted.
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    I'm sympathetic towards what's happened to you, but I'd recommend contacting Steam and asking for their help in resolving this. I doubt you'd find anyone here who would advocate software piracy, which is essentially what you're asking.
  2. You could try ebay or contact steam.
  3. I think contacting steam is the best option for your unfortunate situation.
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