Will my computer run windows 8?

i recently lost my old os on my comuter and i've been thinking about upgradeing to windows 8, the problem im not sure if i can, the reason being when i looked up the requirments for windows 8 i saw that the processor requires SSE2, NX and PAE my cpu is a amd athlon 64x2 3800+ i know it supports SSE2 and it has something called NX bit (im not sure if this is the same thing or if it will still do the job.) can someone please tell me if my computer can run windows 8 and if anyone suggest windows 8 for a primaly gaming machine.

here is the rest of my specs
320 gb 7200 rpm IDE hardrive
soltek sl-k8tpro-939
1 gb ram (plan in getting 3 more gbs)
amd hd3470 graphics card
(i also hope to upgrade my hard drive into a sata one)

on last thing of concern my old os was windows xp which got activated to many times so i am now locked out, would it be possible to upgrade to windows 8 from that?
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  2. Hello,
    It will work, but not the way you want for a gaming computer.
    If you were thinking of upgrading from Win-XP to Win-8, you have to have Win-XP running on your computer. So you would have to call MS to talk them into letting you activate it again. Win-XP retail version can be activated any number of times, so I'm not clear on if the is an OEM or system builder versions. Also It is almost certainly 32 bit Win-XP, which means you would only be able to functionally use 3 GB of the 4GB Max ram spec'd for this MB, and you would have to upgrade to the 32 bit version on Win-8.

    Also, if you were thinking of adding RAM, it should be done in a matched set (2 sticks of 2GB, or 4 sticks of 1GB) so you shouldn't buy 3 additional sticks of RAM thinking they will play nicely with you 1GB presently on board.

    Another consideration would be purchasing an inexpensive Win-8 computer or laptop where all the components work well together and will be guaranteed to handle the Win-8 OS.
  3. okay thanks for the help.
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