Gravis Eliminator Aftershock

Does anyone know where I can get drivers that are compatible with the Gravis Eliminator Aftershock, on windows 7? i've heard the vista drivers will work as well, but I can't seem to find them anywhere.
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  1. I think XP drivers were the last ones availiable for it, does it not detect as a HID device in windows.
  2. It is only recognized as an unknown device, and comes up with a "this device has been stopped because it has had a malfunction", or something like that. I just assumed it meant their were no drivers, but maybe its dead? I've had this thing for a number of years but i haven't really used it.
  3. from what I know it should just work and detect as a HID device, try it on another PC if possible.
  4. On both computers it just tells me that it can't install the driver software, and nothing works
  5. Theres a posibility the gamepad has gone faulty, it should just auto detect
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