GeForce Ultra64. How far, how good?


I have a Hercules ProphetII Ultra Pro, on an A7V133 with a 1.56Ghz @142FSB behind it. I'm running Win2K, fully patched with Via 4in1 4.29. Used both 10.8 and 11.01 detonator drivers.


What should I be able to get the card to? I can complete 3DMark2000/2001 at 300Mhz CPU and 505Mhz RAM but beyond that my system is too unstable and locks, or 3Dmark crashes.

Should I be able to get higher, and will I need additional card cooling to do it?

My system won't get over 9788 on 3D2000 and 4406 on 3D2001, which seems lower than others of similar system configs. Admittedly a lot of those systems seem to be vapochills and the like, where as my CPU is good old fashioned air cooling.

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Use the 7.52 drivers. All the 10's and 11's are for the GeForce3 and really don't do good for the earlier cards. What temp is the CPU running at you should be in the low 40's otherwise look for a new heatsink. I think for stability's sake you might wanna bump down the core speed on your video card since it affects performance very little. But definitely go back to the Detonator 7.52 if you haven't tried it already.

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  2. I'll give 7.52 a try. I was running core and mem high to see what I can get, not for full time use. The extra was good for a couple of hundred points.

    My CPU is 45 degrees aircooled after 12hrs fully loaded, runs 33-34 idle. I think this is pretty okay. System is rock solid, until I start really cranking the card up. It is relatively well behaved, I get really bad artifacts after a certain speed, which is how I know if I go further, it'll break.


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  4. Thanks Griz,

    Trouble is it's never enough - is it?

    I'll be looking for dual 1.33s @ fastest possible when SMP is stable(ish) but I don't fancy a pair of delta fans killing my eardrums. I'm really looking at better active cooling methods. Maybe you can answer me a question - would you only use liquid cooling in conjunction with a pelt, or can/do you liquid cool directly?

    Been looking at all these pelt options, but I am a completely inexperienced on them, so need to do more research.

    Question - what sort of flow rate do you think you use - and is optimal, for your cooler? i.e. - if I were to pump through a block, from a hopper and out the window - how much water do you get through? 1 gallon/day? More or less? Have you measured? Just curious. Of course your advantage with mains water is that it is colder too, not room temp. As far as I can tell you are okay with pelst, but they still need cooling, which basically means liquid cooling. Maybe I should rig an external radiator at the case back with a big, slow fan on it? There's certainly no room for that in my current case. Then I look at all the piping etc and just go - 'that's a lot of work'.

    Well - I'll keep trying I guess.


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  5. Yeah, I am setting aside a large chunk of cash for a new computer next year. Hopefully SledgeHammer, if they perform well in 32 and 64bit (though i dont really care about 64bit).


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