[Solved] How can I contact Steam for problems

my friend dsdamaged got baned!!!!
is it purminent? and is there ANY way for me to get him unbaned?
i feal realy responsable for all of it. i whant to get him unbaned.
plz he causes NO harm to steam...
please, unban him T.T
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  1. you gotta email em... well he will have to. he will need his acount details and the reason why they banned him...
    if you cheated on a game then he will be banned from that game but steam recently changed there terms and conditions which will allow him to play the games he hasnt been banned from...
    if you cheated on his game then you will have to buy him another copy... and then trade all his games onto the new account...
  2. Hello,
    i am gkohler14.
    i descided to just rank up myself. thank you for your time.
    someone hacked me and back tracked my rank. but it was a low rank and i can just do it myself. already 2/3 done. dont do anything to my profile. thank you
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