Is anyone having luck with Lucid Virtu MVP ?

Is it a scam or does it work? Can I use it overclocking?
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  1. Thanks. Looks useless if your overclocking?
  2. Honestly, at this point it looks good if your GPU is underpowered. Seems to be of little use if you have up to date, decent hardware. Very typical of new technologies. I would wait a few months and take another look.

    As far as I can tell, there is NO increase in framerate, just in "responsiveness". I have tried Skyrim with it turned on and off and I cannot tell the difference.

    Here is a clearer post about it:

    Note that they talk about avoiding tearing of the screen and input responsiveness, nothing about increased framerate. Me, I thought that what the damn thing was for: to combine the power of two graphics cores. Gypped!
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