College/Gaming laptop.

I was told this laptop can run BF3 on high:
Samsung NP305V5A-A04US

Is that true? It has 6gb ddr3, AMD A8 quad-core 1.8ghz with 2.5ghz turbo boost, and dual chip integrated AMD Radeon graphics.
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  1. I'd say on high with lowered resolutions, it may.
    You might be looking at a mixed of low, medium and high settings with no AA.
  2. intergrated graphics for BF3 is always a no-go,

    I'd say it would probably struggle to run it on high even at 800x600!
  3. The display is fairly low resolution so maybe on the single player buy multiplayer needs a better CPU.
  4. The recommended GPU for BF3 is a GTX 560 or 6950, they can manage high detail at 1920x1080 at a playable FPS
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