Help find a name of a game

I'm looking for a PC game for years, that I used to play.
It was like 5-6 years ago i guess, maybe more.
The game was kind of third person shooting pirates game when your character is a pirate that can go to the city, get quests and shop some weapons, swords, potions and stuff, and when you exit the city you can fight other ships and when you damage them enough you move to their ship and start fighting a lot of people with your sword and at the end of the game there was guns too. I remember that in the battle there was a much blood in the fights with the people..(just a pointless memory).
The graphics of the game at that time wasn't bad but it was painted and ornate.. something like simple games today.. or games for smartphones.

I searched in google the words "pirate games" and stuff like that but i found nothing similar.
I also remember it has kind of long name but I don't thing it has the word "pirate" in it so it's not the first games you'll find in google.

I hope you'll understand what am I talking about.
Thank you very much! :)
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  1. I don't know what that game is all about but it sounds like something TSR would have made for Dungeons and Dragons. But I did this so it is worth a look maybe you will see something that fits. Good luck to you.;_ylt=A2KJkPqigKRP_A8AO3uJzbkF?p=swashbuckler++video+games&fr=fp-yie8-s&ei=utf-8&n=30&x=wrt&y=Search
  2. That game you are looking for is probably Sid Meier's Pirates!_(2004_video_game)
  3. Thanks.. it is probably it.. Sid Meier's Pirates
    I don't know how did i miss it before.
    Thanks a lot!
  4. Yeah it could be but I read all the info on it and I could not find any info about what you stated to be in the game. So it is 50 50 to me. I hope you find what your are looking for.
  5. Could be Pirates: Legend of the Black Kat
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