Is this game worth $7.99.......Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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  1. I've not played it, but I a friend of mine has been bugging me to get it. Meta score of 90, 40 bucks on steam, all the amazon reviews on great. Id say its a steal.
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    Yes it's worth 7.99 no question.
  3. Thanks for the input!
  4. Nah...

    I think it's only worth $7.98.
  5. I paid close to full price and it was not disappointing. I also got it for the Onlive service for 5 bucks a while back so I actually bought it twice. The game stays true to the Deus EX of old and can be classified as rpg/shooter.
  6. casualcolors said:
    Yes it's worth 7.99 no question.

    Agreed, I'm starting the download now. This is a great deal.
  7. yes
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