Need a game to kill time for D3 release

I'm looking at either Tera, an or BF3 or just a good 29.99 game to kill some time for Daiblo 3 Release. My computer specs are below ram was just Change to amd Ent 4g.

newegg has Tera online pc game but is it a Download link once you buy it are they going send me a Disk. I know I can just go to Tera main page in buy the game but it says 49.99 Euro which is like 79.99 usd if I'm right also how much would be the Monthly fees even with the 40% discount you get for life?
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  1. D2?
  2. Already have d2 ;/ I'm also thinking of a Fps or casual game were I Can play just to kill time out of Wow tell GW2 d3 comes out
  3. League of Legends

    its a DOTA remake/upgraded version

    free to play and dl etc

    pm me if u do play and ill send u a link to give me rewards for playing :)
  4. lol I think i re download Counter strike from my steam games I try playing lol but died right of the back in rage quit hahah
  5. A classic Civilization or Heroes of Might and Magic are allowing me to pass the time quite well.. Or always Skyrim/Oblivion or Fall Out 3/New Vegas which ever you fancy.
  6. I wonder if I can play skyrim on my current rig with at least good settings game does look pretty fun wish they had a demo on steam ;/
  7. legends of grimrock
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