Tbird 700 what are my chances of 133 MHz FSB

I'm thinking of getting an Asus A7V133 to overclock my Tbird 700 to 933 MHz (7 X 133) and I'm just curious if you guys think it'll go with a voltage of 1.85.
and if you think that'll work what are my chances of 1050 MHz (7 x 150).
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  1. After unlocking my 750 T-bird with loctite trace paint/resin
    I got it to boot up at 133x6 on my Iwill KK266 with no problems.The max I could get was 145x7.5 1087Mhz 1.85 vcore and still be stable. It was a better o/c than my 900 as it would not stay stable past 1050 Mhz. It's worth a try You should be able to hit at least 1GHz and who knows maybe you've got a real good one and you hit 1100.

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  2. Well, your chance of hitting 933mhz on a 133mhz FSB are very good- HOWEVER putting the voltage at 1.85 is excessive. The Athlon 1Ghz runs on a voltage of 1.75- anything past that is pointless unless you plan on going for 1.2Ghz which isn't really feasible with a 700mhz Athlon.

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  3. Uhhhhhhhh......

    I run my cpu at 1.85, and am thinking about doing the voltage mod this weekend. I'm not sure I'll be running at 2.3 though; probably between 2.0 and 2.1.
  4. Volts? are you crazy or suicidal? you should ever need to voltage mod an Athlon past 1.95 volts. Hell those guys that overclock athlons to 2.2ghz only run at 1.9volts. going for 2.3 volts would just fry the sucker, so I highly advise against it.

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  5. should work fine, just make sure its cooled well and that your system, components board etc. can handle it
  6. yea it would be an Asus A7V133 and a Globalwin FOP38. I'm making a plexiglass case that is going to have 2 input fans and 2 output fans, and also another fan attatched to the power supply to blow even more air out. So basically 3 output fans.
    If it goes up to 133 MHz FSB fine, I'm gonna try 150. With some nice PC166 ram it'll do 150 MHz at CAS2 which would majorly kick arse
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