Which Skyrim mods are you running?

This is what I run on mine. I was curious to know what other people have discovered that improved their Skyrim experience.

2-handed sprint animation replacer, 3rd person animation tweak- sprint with magic, 3rd person sprint- Ninja style, 83Willows Jenassa henchman overhaul, A quality world map, alternate book fonts, AOF believable hair-male and female, Armor ebony gold-HD male and female, Ash pile retex HD, back off barbas, Beautiful Skyrim HD weaponry, Better archery Eagle eye perk, Better females by Bella-no makeup version, Cloaks of Skyrim, Darkstar textures- Armors, Dimonized UNP female bodies, Dynavision, Ebony wolf armor retexture, enhanced blood textures, female dwarven armor replacer, phaarkas font replacement, HD textures DLC fix, Bethesda official HD textures, Hectrol dwarven shield retex, Hectrol Skyrim logo HD gold, imaginator, immersive iHud, improved NPC clothing, Jaysus swords, lockpicking interface retex, Masters of Death, Moonpath to Elswyr, Move it dammit, no helmets required, No more blocky faces, Realistic lighting with customization, realistic ragdolls and force, realistic smoke and embers, sabercat gear mod pack, sabercat gear backpacks, Serious HD retexture Skyrim, shadow striping fix, Silly level of detail potions and poisons, Skyrim floral overhaul by Vurt, Skyrim Monster mod v5, Skytest realistic animals and predators, Static mesh improvement mod, The dance of death, Eyes of beauty, Ultimate follower overhaul, Uncle Sheogorath's really helpful hints and tips, Unique region names, Water and terrain enhancement redux, Warchief armor v4, Weapons ebony gold HD complete, Weapons of the third era MOS edition, well placed weapons and quivers, Zoner's high performance enb, Vanguard armor, Quest: bigger they are, scriptless werewolf bonus, reduced dual casting spell costs, better horses, SM drop lit torches, revised potion weights, Increased bounty rewards lite, Terrain bump, more village animals, lush trees, lush grass, distant detail, detailed outskirts, detailed cities, birds and flocks, usable lanterns, Soma's archery overhaul, nighteye toggle, feared dragons, more dragon loot, followers can relax, follower trap safety, follower map markers, better but balanced apparel, yngol barrow fix, wear circlets with hoods, wear circlets with hooded robes, unofficial item fixes, parthaarux fixes, stones of barenziah droppable + markers, skyforge map marker, owning goldenglow estate, Hjerim mess fix, Gildergreen regrown, Dragonpriest mask journal, Brand Shei prison fix, Bard's instrument fix, auto unequip arrows, Quest: No Mercy, Quest: And the Realms of Daedra, People of the Past, Midas Magic, master and expert hoods, legendary creatures, enhanced high level gameplay, Dragonbone weapons complete, Camping Lite, Bromjunaar Extended, Slightly reduced distance NPC greeting.
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  1. is that all?

    i only have SkyUI, but im thinking of going on a modding spree and getting a few.
  2. heh, I'm pretty sure I'm missing the names of the mods I installed before Nexus and Workshop were in place.. I generally tend to install the better texture mods that keep the game lore-friendly. I dislike anything that seems out of place or throws the balance out the window. Master difficulty with feared dragons mod is something to behold though. :>
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