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I somehow heard nothing of this game until recently. Personally from what I've seen and read online it looks pretty awesome, but my lack of hearing anything about it makes me worry. Has anyone here played it or know more about it, trying to decide if its worth picking up or not. Any info is appreciated!
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    I play it. If the concept of manually controlling the attacking swings, blocks and dodges sounds appealing to you, it's a fun game. It's a Korean MMO that has been westernized, but it is ***not*** a Korean grindfest MMO such as Aion. The game has more quests than it takes to reach level 60 by a factor of like 5. Personally, it has met all of my expectations and I'm really having a good time playing the game. It's like playing WoW in the early days when things such as battleground were still being refined and developed (same in Tera, battlegrounds coming in the near future after they're tested on the Korean client) and such. The gameplay has been very engaging to me and as a result I've been able to feel motivated to leveling alts alongside my main, and keeping all the characters within about 4 levels of each other.

    If the idea of the combat system is unappealing to you, avoid the game. The combat system is what differentiates it from every other MMO, and it is why the people who are playing the game are really enjoying it, and it is why the people who were not interested in the combat and hoped for some kind of SWTOR AAA RPG Story were let down. The game has a story, but personally I don't care about it. I just want to play an RPG with all of my friends where if I want to block, I have to stop attacking and physically put my shield up in time before a big attack lands. In that regard, this game delivers in spades. For that, I really appreciate the effort from the Tera team.
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  3. I've yet to play it so I can't say for sure I like the combat system but I am very interested in it. I've always been curious to how controlling the moves would be in an mmo and after what you have said I definitely think I will be downloading it tonight.

    I am sure that I am not looking for a game like SWTOR or Aion, because I lost interest in both of these much sooner than I would have liked but as you said I felt like I was just grinding away with no real motivation.

    Never really played WoW, but loved FFXI until Abyessa which imo destroyed the game (in fairness it was already declining). Thanks for the info!

    I linked this in another thread, but this video shows a level 30ish named World creature (in this game referred to as BAMs, or badass monster). This is a creature in the open world, in a mid-to-lowlevel zone. As you can see, it is not something you just run up and casually kill. Even with a group of 5 it's pretty tense. Since the video doesn't really show it, I will tell you that when that creature does any sort of attack that hits outright, it will 1shot any non-tank. Just the act of it walking by does about 20% of a player's healthbar lol.

    If you do decide to play the game, go ahead and play the prologue when it gives you the option after creating your first character. It starts you off as level 20 so you have some abilities to screw around with, and culminates with a cool easy-mode BAM that does give you an idea of where the game is headed in general. It's pretty cool.
  5. Awesome video, that's how a boss (BAM) battle should be, lengthy but in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat making strong efforts to conquer. After your last post I made up my mind and the download has already began. Thanks again for a solid opinion, I'll have to meet up with you in game.

    Good call on the prologue, I may have otherwise skipped it!

    Multiple servers?
  6. There are plenty of servers, and each server's leveling areas are sharded into 10 channels, which act as instanced versions of the entire zone outside the main city. This way you can avoid any ganking or over-hunted areas by simply shifting channels.
  7. Are there any US servers or is it all in Asia? The combat system sounds intriguing, but I imagine it would suck with poor latency.
  8. There are US servers. Different publishers handling NA, EU and KR/JP.
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