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How high can the Tbird 1.2 266 get??

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April 17, 2001 10:56:39 PM

I was wondering how fast people have gotten their cpu to run solidly.

Please specify the following:
cpu oc'd

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April 17, 2001 11:05:53 PM

1.33 AXIA C Athlon
1.563 @1.85V 142FSB 11x
3 x 256Mb PC133CL2
Swiftech 370 w/ Delta 6800RPM 47 degrees max load

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May 10, 2001 6:02:08 PM

yesterday I brought my 1.2Ghz (266) up to 1.4 (10x140) and its running very stable. The temperature gets to 60c at full load which is a little high, currently I have a GlobalWin WBK32 cooler (very loud), but I just ordered a Luefken water cooler so I should be able to get it up to 1.5ghz without a problem.

CPU= AMD 1.2GHZ (266)
MB= A7V133A by ASUS
384MB SDRAM (PC133)
GLOBAL WIN WBK32 Fan (will be replaced with a Leufken Water cooler this weekend.

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May 10, 2001 6:05:31 PM

got mine running @ 1.33ghz, haven't tried higher than that yet, but it's been going for a week, and hasn't crashed yet.

CPU= AMD 1Ghz (266)
MB = Abit kt7a-raid
Ram = 256MB pc133 (Viking)
HS / GlobalWin WBK38