IS there a big community in BC2 for PC?

I'm building a new computer ad moving away from the outdated Xbox 360. My favorite games were the battlefield series, and I plan on playing a TON of Battlefield 3.

But I also enjoyed Bad Company 2 and Bad Company 2: Vietnam. On Xbox live there are almost no full servers on Bad Company 2 and in Vietnam I'd be lucky to get a server with more than 5 people on each team.
IS there still a lot of servers and a big overall community for these games on the PC? I don't want to waste my money if everyone migrated to Battlefield 3 like on consoles.
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  1. Tons of people still play BC2. Less play BC2:Vietnam, but it's still populated to a degree. BFBC2 has tons of highly active servers though.
  2. a fair amount moved to bf3 but yeah there is still a sizable amount of players playing bfbc2. i have an odd game here and there but bf3 really is where its at atm. if you dont have either but you know your pc can handle bc2 then get bf3... its pretty much the same game just more of it.
  3. I have BF3 and have played the *** out of both. Just some days I'm in a bc2 mood and some days I'm in a BF3 mood, and I don't want to be stuck in a half empty server when I have a huge craving to battle it out in BC2
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