upgrade from 800 to Tbird 1.2gh problems

Howdy.... I currently have an Athlon Thunderbird 800, and I have been trying to install a Tbird 1.2 to replace it.. Everything works fine with the 800, but if I put the 1.2 in, nothing happens.. no post beeps, no BIOS setup screen, etc... the hard drive and cd's get power, but nothing happens..
My motherboard is an FIC AZ11E, and the voltage setting is set to auto detect.. same with everything else on it.. Any suggestions?? IS my processor dead new?? Is the voltage too low?? PLEASE HELP!!!

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  1. From what you've said, yeah, your processor is dead-on-arrival. Oh and, that sucks.
  2. I'm not knowledgeable with any motherboards other than the one I currently have (Asus A7V133), so bear with me. Do you have a jumper CLRTC? If so, I personally short that out to clear the CMOS and reset the BIOS. You do this by using removing a jumper from somewhere, holding it over the jumper for a couple of seconds then releasing it (don't forget to put it back where it was). Plus, make sure to set all your jumpers to your defaults before you power back on.

    BTW, make sure you're unplugged and, preferrably, wearing a anti-static wrist strap.

    I hope this helps...
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