Is arctic Silver worth it??

I just bought a athlon 1ghz c-type (axia stepping) and a global win fop32. I was just going to put on my standard thermal compound but many mentioned this artic silver was better.

Is it recomended that i buy it??? How many degrees difference will it make to my core temperature??

For almost 10 bucks for a tube of it i wonder if what i have is good enough! THanks for any input
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  1. Depends on what you have.

    For a standard, non-overclocked solution, heatsink thermal pads are okay, but perform significantly worse than correct use of Artic Silver.

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    have Artic Silver II for $7.98 and it's enough to do a LOT of cpu mounts...


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  2. I will be overclocking not going really crazy but i will still be taking my 1 gig to probably 1.3ghz. I do not have a thermal pad...just this stuff that looks like a stardard white thermal grease that i got from a friend. Is it going to make a difference if invest in a better thermal grease??
  3. Well, it depends on whether the suff your friend gave you is any good.

    Worst case is that it would be a bad conductor of heat and not allow effective cooling of your cpu.

    I cannot give you an accurate line on the effectiveness of your paste, but I do know that Artic Silver works well and is proven.

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  4. Well what about standard stuff from radio shack...another friend i know has that. Does anyone know if it is any good compared to arctic silver.

    THe stuff i have assisted me in overclocking my p2 233 to 333 with no problems. It has been running at the this speed for 1 and a half years.

    I guess its hard to determine what i have but my friend got it from Xerox and its the stuff they use on there photo copiers and stuff they make. So i suppose it would be good! but was curious if there was better.
  5. Like I said, I cannot really comment as I have no experience of your product. I can tell you that I, and many others, use Artic Silver (II) as a relegion. Maybe we are all victims of a scam, but at $8 for 3 grams I think this is one I can afford not to dig into too deep.

    If you were feeling adventurous, and by carefully keeping an eye on things, you could use both, alternately, and tell us how they do!


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  6. Dude, stop whinning and pay the stinkin $8 for a 3 gram tube of AS2.

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  7. Radio Shack heat sink compound works pretty well - as good as any i've gotten from a compter store. And you can always find some! Think it's silicon zink. Haven't lost a A CPU with it yet...

    Artic Silver may be ever better...

    How about a Tom's review on thermal transfer compounds?
  8. AS II is better than that RS suff, though the RS stuff is sufficient for most need your choice but I would get the AS II.

  9. I tested them both and found less than 1C difference in average temp. It's in my VolcanoII review in this forum.

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  10. I have two responses to your post:
    1) With regard to overclocking a 1Ghz rated cpu to 1.3Ghz
    in my book a 30% increase in clock rate is a moderate to large overclock. It wouldn't surprise me if someone tells me that they have overclocked their processor by a much larger amount, but I still consider a 30% increase to be a fairly significant increase.
    2) With regard to Arctic Silver II the makers claim that its thermal conductivity (which is a measure of its ability to transfer heat) is between 8.4 to 8.8 W/mK. In comparison to the thermal compound supplied by Vapochill (with their refrigeration cpu cooler) which has a thermal conductivity of 0.71 W/mk. In other words Arctic Silver II is more than ten times better thermal conductivity than a typical heat transfer compound.
    The reason for its superiority in this respect, and for its relatively high price is due to its principal constituent being tiny particles of Silver (78 to 82% Silver by weight), which has the highest thermal conductivity of all 'ordinary' materials, better than aluminium, and copper and substantially better than silcone grease based alternatives.
    I recently bought a Silverado heatsink fan (HSF) which was supplied with a conventional thermal compound, and I chose to substitute this for Arctic Silver II, even though with
    carriage charges to the U.K. the cost was almost double what it retails for in the States. I did notice a slight temperature reduction of about 4C on my 1.2Ghz Tbird which I beleive is worth the cost. Also as another poster said
    (I think it was peteb ) the 3g tube contains enough to cover several cpu core's .
    See Arctic Silver's web page:
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  11. Why on earth are you considering a $600+ Vapochill rig for a $140 1G Athlon, when you can just spend the extra $100 and buy a chip that's rated to 1.33 anyway, that you can take up to 1.5+ aircooled and have saved over $500 for a geforce3 or whatever pushes your buttons!

    I think a little dose of common sense is needed here!

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