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overclock amd athlon 900MHz over 1.05GHz questions

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April 23, 2001 3:18:25 AM

I have a...

amd 900MHz@100*10.5(1.05GHz)
voltage(jumper setting)@1.775/1.80V(MBM 5 says 1.84v)
temp@46 C Idle(I say this as I know that MBM 5 reports a +3 C(49 C) from the real temp)
a7v133 mobo
256 pc133 sdram
vantec cpu heatsink(with a delta 7000rpm fan)
asus v7700 GeForce2 GTS
300watt macase with 8cm intake and outtake fans
Win98SE questions are:

1. I've tried oc'ing the cpu further to 133*8(1066MHz) using the same boots fine but during the first few seconds of a UT game, there is a directX3d error (I can duplicate it easily).
Do you think the 133MHz FSB poses a major cause to my asus v7700 (as the FSB setting afects all components attached to the mobo) or is it just because the athlon 900MHz cpu can't break 1050MHz stabily?

2. If I changed the voltage jumper to 1.825/1.85v will my athlon 900MHz cpu be stable enough to break the 1050MHz barrier?

Any real life examples at oc'ing an athlon 900MHz cpu past the 1050MHz barrier would be great!

I'd appreciate any feedback on my current oc config as it is my first attempt at it (especially the temp reading, just a bit worrying), thanks.
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April 23, 2001 6:40:26 PM

Do two things, gimme your nvidia drivers version and do something about that heat! Your airflow is looking piss poor or you're heatsink isn't doing any justice.
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April 26, 2001 6:49:52 AM

Hello ,

I have the same setup as you...
900 athlon
256 megs
asus kt133

I'm running at 120 mghz X 9 for 1080
1.85 volts says 1.92 temp 125F Water cooled.
ram is at 160...very fast but pci&agp A little slow.
I tried to do the pencel trick but only opened up
slower multiplyers. 5 - 9.

so if you know a way to get a faster multiplyer it should go faster. I'm at the limit as far as board speed when I
tried to go to 122 mghz it failed to post. good luck!!!