PII 450 with ASUS P2B - need more speed, any tips?

I have a PII 450 on an ASUS P2B board, 256MB RAM, with no overclocking. I want to try to get more speed out of this system. I have not overclocked a system before. Can anyone give me some basic tips on getting this thing to run a bit faster?
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  1. Raise your voltage one step, then raise your bus speed one step at a time until it is no longer stabel, then back it off. You can try the nest voltage step as well if you wish.

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  2. Thanks, I'll give it a try.
  3. The P2B does not have voltage settings. I have revision 1.04 so the voltage will have to be set on the processor.This is as simple as covering connectors A-119,B-119 and A-121 on the cpu. Cut thin strips of good clear tape or adhesive teflon and let them slightly lap over the bottom to the other side.But not too far. This will give you 2.2 vvolts. now raise your fsb.
    You can also set your memory to run at 10ns(100), 8ns(125 I think) or 7ns(143).

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  4. Sounds very MacGuyverish!
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