Arma III and me

How far do you think my rig could get me in Arma III?

I plan on upgrading my video card closer to the game's release.

AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE
XFX 6850 BE
Gigabyte 970 mobo
8G Ripjaws

i play in 1080

Also what video card would be good for Arma III and future games..

i was thinking MSI 7870 Twin Frozr

i was trying to keep it under $400
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  1. system requirements from this pcg article say 5770 and phenom x4

    we won't know what maxes it out till after release though
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    you should be able o play medium settings which is a similar setting to arma 2 medium high settings.
    then again arma 2 is pretty poorly optimized and it incures a huge performance hit when you go to high settings... reduce the draw distance and you should hey higher settings but really you will need to have it set to a minimum of 1200 so you can see the horizon of most maps.
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