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Since you are all so well informed at all times.. I'm wondering if anyone knows how many patches for D3 there will be upon release.

The reason I ask is that my internet sucks. I pre-ordered D3 online and downloaded it around the time the Open Beta weekend was around. Should I be worried that there will be huge patches (500MB+ total) or not? If so, would redownloading the game over the weekend negate having to download some of these patches?

I really don't want to spend release day downlaoding patches on my crappy internet. :(
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  1. I would say probably yes. If you can spend time to re-download the client as close before release date as possible, it should help you reduce the time you have to wait on release day. That being said, I assume that Blizzard is rolling the patches out as they become available instead of holding out on them till N-1
  2. It's unfortunate that we can't install the game now and patch up. It makes no sense to me.. we can't play anyway, not even single player.. so why not let us install and be patched up and ready to go rather than stressing the servers with patching as well as a flood of players on the 15th..
  3. Well if you know someone who got into one of the Beta weekends, you can copy that client. It should work at relase or only require a partial update.
  4. I think the clients are actually different. I tried playing the open beta weekend with the actual game client and it was not allowed. I had to download the specific beta client to play.
  5. blizzard has said that after you do the install there will be a version 1.1 update and then your good to go.
  6. You will be able to install D3 and download the latest (and last) patch the morning of the 14th, depending on your time zone. Even if you'll be at work you should have plenty of time when you get home, just be sure to turn off P2P in the patcher!
  7. Yeah, P2P screwed me on beta weekend.. I was downloading overnight and didn't realize until the morning that I was uploading half as much as I was downloading on this crappy internet connection.

    So to condense the last two messages, there will be only one patch and we can install on the 14th and this patch with be available then (before the game releases at midnight)?
  8. yes, and i would imagine it would be a small patch. less then 50MB as they are not adding content but rather modifying bits of code for bug fixes.
  9. One can only hope that is true. :D
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