What did you upgrade for Diablo III?

I've seen a few dozen posts about people wanting to know what type of video card or CPU they could get away with, and ive seen a couple of people building whole new systems for D3.
1. What I'm wondering here is, what did you upgrade to prep for Diablo 3?
2. What are you playing on?
3. If you played the beta what kind of frame rates were you seeing? (this will help people with aging systems)

I'll start it off with I bought the crucial m4 256GB SSD to replace my western digital black 1TB. just so I can install the game faster and transition between scenes/acts faster.
I also got another 6GB of ddr3 1600. I already had 6 so this wont really effect the game.

i7 950 @3.2GHz
6GB ddr3 1600 (soon to be 12GB)
radeon 7970 stock clocks
3 27" samsung monitors (though i believe im stuck with one for my time playing D3, though eyefinity would be awesome)

The fps counter bounced all over the place. it seemed to be going between 150fps and 240fps with max settings @1920x1080
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  1. I upgraded NOTHING since Diablo 3 has both really low CPU and Graphics requirements to play at max settings.
  2. This

    You can run the game with pretty much everything.
  3. I upgraded my pre-purchase to Torchlight 2 ;)
  4. nothing. i didnt even buy the game. its to much like the old mmorpg games which i have never been a fan of...
    so for this 1 if you have any problems i wont be able to help... sorry!.
  5. I deeply dislike D3 for reasons I will not specify because I'd have to write a whole book filled with boring paragraphs full of my rage so I won't buy it. Also for the fact that Blizzard likes to *** Europe in the ass and made 60$=60euro(=80 dollars, 80 for a game? lol no, for a shitty game? LMAO, NO)
    But yeah, you don't need a strong PC for that game. Even my old laptop with a non existent video card could run it (1gb ram, 2ghz single core, x3100 chipset) at decent FPS even tho I'd probably have to lower a thing or 2.
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