Can an ASUS A53E-EH71 run Diablo 3?

I am planning on buying an ASUS A53E-EH71 and I'm not sure if it can run Diablo 3 well. Anyone know?
Here is the link with the system info on the bottom....
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  1. :hello:
    My girlfriend played the open Beta on a U56E-BAL7 (Best Buy model) and said it was very much playable on low, she never tested medium though. I would imagine you wouldn't get any better FPS because you're both running on that poop Intel HD graphics, even though you'd be sitting on an i7. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Ok thanks. Do you have any laptop recommendations that would work well for both school and play games like Diablo 3 at medium, and price range at around $700?
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