Black Ops 2

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What are your guys thoughts on black ops 2?

Alot of people are complaining that it will have the same engine & it will be futuristic in some way. I think that this game will be a major hit and one the highest selling games this year.

Do you think the PC version will have better graphics than black ops 1?
Do you think you will play it?
Do you think you will like it?

What do you think about it?

Be honest, wether you think you frekin hate it or fall in love with it.
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  1. Will PC version have better graphics? Doubtful, since they didn't bother to make any amends on any of the previous games since MW1.

    I don't think I will play it, will depend on reviews that I see for it.

    Now as far as liking it, I like their single player campaigns, I don't like the multiplayer, so for the game as a whole I'm 50%.

    Truth be told, the single player is not bad, because there's some degree of plot behind it, and sometimes you get atmospheric missions that are fun to play through. But, beyond that the game hasn't improved much since mw1.
  2. Yea i agree multiplayer isnt as good as it could have been but still millions play so their is some good in it. COD campaigns are very cool. Good story lines, Lots of missions that arent too long but not to short.
  3. It will be the same game with a slightly diff setting. Pc and console alike.
  4. The only features PC will have is forcing post processing through your GPU panel :)
  5. Devs say it will be DX11 (pcg interview). Will it have good textures? (lets not call them hi res textures anymore, that makes it sound like its extra, it should be standard, scale down from HQ you dev motherfuckers, you don't scale up from low quality derp)

    we will have to see, maybe it will have good textures and be fully tessellated, with a bunch of DX11 optimizations and eye candy, maybe the future setting will make it the best COD since mw.

    Lets not hold our breath here though...
  6. am freaking excited for the new look of COD, new graphics and new story line with awesome military weapons!!, kinda remind me of crysis... a little bit lol
  7. Hey someone's re-making Deus Ex: Human Revolution with a crayon set. Awesome!

    Actually it's like MGS4 and DX:HR copulated, had a baby, and that baby drew pictures with a crayon set.

    Goes without saying I won't be playing this. Really looks bad, though it will sell millions I'm sure.
  8. haha, good reference on MGS4, very true
  9. truthfully I really liked Black Ops 1 and I think it is sort of weird that they are placing the game in the future but I think it looks like a good game
  10. I enjoyed the first one but lets be.honest; the modern war scene is a bit overplayed
  11. I was waiting to see who out of infinity ward and treyarch would attempt future warfare. could be good, something different. could turn out like MW3 however..
  12. I thought MW3 was ok, in terms of multiplayer, however the campaign could have been better, much better actualy. I like the idea of future warfare, but not from Activision just yet. I was hoping at least one more good game set in WW2 with the current graphics engine. And i certainly hope Black ops 2 is not choppy on PC like black ops, i have seen a lot of people complaning about this even on high end PC's.
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