M14x good?????

is the Alienware M14x laptop good for gaming at like Mw3 or Arma 3? Cant figure out if it is...
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  1. Let me put it this way, if you really like the logo, the chassis design and the glowing lights then it's a good entry level gaming laptop that's only 14". If you're not particularly attached to the Alienware logo and lights, there are better options out there available for the same price.

    As far as playing specific games, the 14" laptops will not run modern games on ultra at native resolution. If you are to turn down the resolution a bit and downgrade to say high details with no AA, then it should run good.
  2. not only better options but much better options. the m14 is old hat now and i dont think its been upgraded with sandy parts but has the older i3/5 series cpus
  3. so i guess il buy the M17x then?
  4. lol, dude, take a look here and compare:
  5. Yeah the m14x is really really good as I will show in my video.

    If you want you can run 3 of the newest high demanding games... thats impressive for a laptop. With all the alien adds like the light effects and the design and even the touch of it make it one of the best laptops out there.
  6. I really can't recommend any "gaming" laptops.
  7. wtf why not?
  8. The problem for gaming laptops is the whole machine has to run on around half the power of a mid range graphics card, due to this a $2000 laptops performs as well as a $500 desktop also the desktop is upgradeable in terms of CPU & GPU while a laptop isn't. If you must have a laptop there are much better buys than alienware.
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