how can i overclock a compaq system

model# 5wv257
amd 700
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  1. sorry bub. chances are that you can't. That's what you get when you buy from Compaq or any other OEM.

    - Tempus fugit donec vestrum relictus tripudium. Autem amor praeterea magis pretium.
  2. Actually yeah, their's no way you can. Like Tempus said, that's what you get with you buy Compaq.
  3. anuways your ram is pc100 becuase they put anything more than what you need
    so you would have to get all new ram. by then your pretty close to a new processer, well within a hunderd dollars
  4. Try finding out how to get into the bios and have a look around.Then take the cover of and remove the cpu and connect the L1 bridges .hehehe

    " overclocking = better value "
  5. trust me there is nothing you can really do in your bois i have a compaq right know luckly i'm not in to overclocking it because it is my parnets

    but you can try if you want i'm pretty sure you have to push f10 to get in to it
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