No effect after adding better HSF?

I had a Duron 650, running on a A7V, not overclocked, generic heatsink (metal i think cuz it was black) with a generic fan, (5000 RPM) cpu was running at about 45 degree's.

Swapped out the generic HSF for a globalwin FOP-38 and added some AS2 for better thermal transfer. Cpu temp after this was still only about 45 Degrees.

On an upnote I OC'd to 750 Mhz and it dropped to 43 Degrees? Am I missing something here?

Here's the rest of my system specs

Duron 650@750MHZ
Asus A7V Bios Rev 1007
Asus V7700 Geforce2 Pure 32Mb Det 3 Drivers
Exhaust fan underneath Vid Card
SB Live X-Gamer
3Com 10/100 NIC
300W Topower Powersupply
Outventing fan above CPU
Intake at front of computer.
Case has vented side panels.

Any Idea's? I was going to move my Slot Exhaust fan above my video card, but the riser board that controls the core voltage on the a7v got in the way. I've been thinking of making a hole in the top of my case and adding another fan up there, would that be an intake or a vent?

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  1. 43-45 is relatively normal. Another thing to consider is the ambient temperature where you PC is.

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