Keyboard and Mouse hangs in games

Today I started having an issue that I commonly get on Minecraft exclusively.
Whenever I play a game, my keyboard and mouse will lock up at random time, preventing me from doing anything except look around.
If I press any keys or click the mouse, they do nothing, but within a few seconds, it does what I was trying to do.
This has become very irritating as it is with EVERY game I have.
Skyrim, CS:S, Geometry Wars, etc.
The best thought that I had was that it may be the CPU, and noticed that there is an exceptional amount of usage while playing.
Using an Athlon II x4 2.9 Ghz CPU and a Nvidia 9500GT.
CPU isn't overclocked.

Got any clues how to fix the issue?
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  1. I have had the same issue but with my mouse it has been because it isnt tracking properly accross my mousepad, my advice would be to update all your drivers for your keyboard and mouse and all the motherboards drivers aswell. I am not receiving excess cpu and ram usage in games. Also try having a play with the sensitivity on the mouse. With the keyboard i would just try a different keyboard and mouse just to see if it does the same thing with another keyboard and mouse.
  2. why would keyboard lock up if the mouse isn't tracking?

    OP: check your temps and memory usage. Scan your PC for malware. Update your drivers.
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