Splinter cell conviction will not run


BASTARD developers of this game Splinter Cell Conviction shud be convicted of fraud and felony and be given the electric chair. Gmae does not load..freezes..ass developers..
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  1. maybe its your computer? ahaha

    Have you tried re-installing?
  2. How did you get the game? Did you purchase it or download it for free?
  3. maybe bastar players should be given electric chair for inability to solve their problems? :D
  4. @AntiZig Maybe u should come to my country and suck my dick.... :D :D :D

    @namelessonez And i purchased it from South City Mall..a supermall(only supermall) in india....it was a new pack...

    @silverliquicity Or maybe its your mom who is writing all these in place of you....
  5. You should've read the forum rules before posting such 'polite' comments!

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