Difference of downloaded digital games and retail box?

Hello i am confused with downloaded games and retail box games I now that the downloaded games you just pay it and you download it LOL but the question here is do a install the games on my computer that are on sale on a retail box or i have to play the games with the cd like in a game console?

and why you guys recommend more retail box or digital download?
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  1. Most games nowadays just require you to install the game via DVD/CD and that's it, you don't need the disc anymore.

    As far as retail box vs digital download, that's personal preference. Digital download you obviously don't get the box, that's really it. You can purchase digital downloads from some third party sites for good deals sometimes, but there is an inherent risk with obtaining an illegitimate key code, or even not at all.
  2. games that come out on both digital format and retail disk, typically require you to register your copy with an online DRM software. After that depending on DRM, game and software it was distributed on you might run it offline, otherwise you will be required to maintain connection to the DRM/game server.

    It's not an issue for online games, but for single player games that don't require to be online could be annoying that you have to maintain the connection to be able to play.

    Another feature with retail boxes, some people buy them because they something to put on the shelf where their game collection rests, they enjoy special collectors editions that come with manuals, art books, action figures, posters, etc.
  3. Thank you so Much i well buy games in a retail box i wait less!
  4. Taking Steam for eg, it deals only with digital downloads, no retail. Now, when you buy a title via Steam, the title will get linked to your account forever (so to say). So, if you wanna play, you start up Steam and double click on the game in the library. That way, you don't require a disc to run the game. Also, with Steam you have the option of always keeping your games updated. If you opt for this, Steam will automatically update/ keep updated your games.

    On retail, you'll most often need the disc to run the game. If a retail game requires an app like Steam, you won't need the disc. However, it is not necessary that retail versions will get updated automatically. You may need to update manually in certain cases.

    Retail versions are cheaper than digital versions. For eg, Skyrim costs $60 on Steam. I got the retail for INR 1,200 = $20-$22 app. For that, I always prefer retail.

    Steam again, on the other hand, has brilliant sales from time to time ranging from 20%-80% off the prices.

    Retail: the discs have a lot of chances of getting scratched, damaged, etc, in which case, you'll need a fresh purchase. On digital, no such issues as there is no disc.

    These are some of the differences between retail and digital.
  5. well you bring up an excellent point that physical media can be damaged. So, I guess one could say that if you have a stable and reliable ISP, digital distribution can be more reliable than retail.
  6. AntiZig said:
    well you bring up an excellent point that physical media can be damaged. So, I guess one could say that if you have a stable and reliable ISP, digital distribution can be more reliable than retail.

    Personal experience, my friend! :( My only gripe with digital downloads is that they're so darn expensive when compared with retail ones....except for the Steam sales! Practically built my library on those sales!

    Allow me to complicate matters a tad more!

    Digital downloads are usually (if not always) linked to a persons account. What happens when the said account gets hacked? There are users on Steam for eg (though very few) that have complained about their accounts getting hacked and games getting stolen, etc.

    I guess there are pro's and cons everywhere, which is why it comes down to personal preferences. I'd prefer retail over digital for the following reasons:
    1. Much cheaper (unless there's a sale on Steam, etc)
    2. Though the disc has a life, by the time the life is over the game would probably be half the price...so buying it again won't pinch that much
    3. If the disc gets scratched, well...that's the biggest drawback and leaves you with no 'legit' option but to buy it again. Still, cheaper than the digital version.
  7. an account getting hacked doesn't mean they can take the game from your account and putting it on another account. They would need to hack steam database to do so.

    For those that have gotten their log-in brute forced or similar, steam support can help you out.
  8. Ok thak you for your opinions now i am with steam!
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