GTA IV Slowdown

I am guessing that it is how poorly optimised GTA IV is for the PC, but I have never come across this problem before;

I installed GTA IV (through Steam), and now whenever I play it, every 3 seconds or so, it slows down, like it has gone into some sort of slow motion.

This really does get on my nerves, as it is really annoying. Any ideas, or is it that the game wasn't designed around a PC?

Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.1 GHz (it is clocked doing 3.4, though :heink: )
8GB DDR3 Dual-Channel RAM
AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB (ok, not the best card, but still, I was able to run this game on crossfired 4670s four years ago)
500w PSU

Meh, maybe Rockstar will learn from this, and make GTA V for PCs first, then port to console...
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  1. slow mo and wobble cam are caused by not running a legit copy.
  2. HEXiT said:
    slow mo and wobble cam are caused by not running a legit copy.

    OP states to have installed the game through Steam.

    To the OP:
    What resolution are your running at? Have your tried lowering the graphics settings? Try turning down the view distance, etc. Run it on low/ lowest settings for a while. See if the problem still persists. If it does not, its your rig which is weak, specifically the GPU. If it does, well....we'll see then.

    P:S:- crossfired 4670's would be far better than a single 6670, sot a valid comparison.
  3. hey mans, my game was slowing down every 2sec, i just apply the patch (wont post here to people do not say that is virus)
    now it's running all on high hahahahaha
    very good !
    and you can find even crack if want(wont post too, its your problem if want, i have a copy of the game)
    well, do as you wish

    obs: patch need xliveless compatible w him, easy to find too
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