Needing help with graphics card

I recently just purchased a Asus Essentio CM6870 (,2817,240334 4,00.asp) from best buy, Howe we I'm not exactly tech savy by any means.

I was hoping I could get some assistance with selecting a graphics card to run WoW, and SC:2 with max graphics. I keep trying to read thur the forums however as mentioned above I'm not savy enough to make heads or tails of a lot of the tech speak.

I do understand that I will most likely need a new power supply to compliment a graphics card capable of what I'm looking for. My price range all in all is looking to be 300 dollars.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Your PC specs would help alot in choosing :)

    You may need a new PSU depends on your old one but a $300 budget should get you a decent card a good PSU. I dont play WoW but I understand its not that graphically intensive so there should be options in your budget.

    However post your specs as its pointless suggesting cards that may bottleneck you.

    Processor Class Intel Core i7

    Processor Model 3770

    Processor Speed 3.4 GHz

    Number of Cores 4

    Cache Size 8192 KB

    Number of installed processors 1


    Graphics Type Discrete

    Discreet Graphics Chipset Nvidia GeForce

    Discreet Graphics Chipset Model Number GT 545

    Number of video cards included 1

    Installed Video Memory per Card 3072 MB


    Installed memory 8192 MB

    Memory technology DDR3


    Hard Drive Type Hard Disk Drive
  3. I believe the psu is 300w
  4. PC mag has it listed as 545M, which has me questioning whether it's a dedicated or integrated.

    Anyway, what is your intended resolution that you play to play the game at?

    Something like 560ti or 6870 should be able to provide plenty of juice to meet your needs
  5. As antizig suggests but also you need a PSU to handle the card something like this
    Graphics card

    They weigh in at about $300 but then have $50 of mail in rebates you can claim back.
  6. Oh one more thing about WoW, it's engine limited to CPU performance and even with the top notch CPUs it will get to a bottleneck without utilizing all of the CPU power.

    I'm not savvy on the details, PM casualcolors, he can tell you all about it.
  7. Thank you guys for your help!

    As for the intended resolution I couldn't tell you. I just now coming back to wow after about a year. So as for the graphics wise I'm just wanting to be able to experince the game on the ultra settings for arena pvp.

    I've hooked up a graphics card in the past, however I did not have to update the psu for that card. What would I be looking at for installing a psu to this computer?

    And wouldn't 8 gigabytes of ram be enough CPU or are you guys referimg to another type of CPU?
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