Ok so lets get strait to the point.

GTA V. A lot of people have been talking about it lately and a few common questions have been asked.

1: Will GTA V have better graphics than GTA IV?

2: Is rockstar planning on building this game for the Xbox 360 & the so called Xbox 720? How much better will visuals be on the 720? With
the 720 having more processing & Graphics power will it have features that the 360 wont have? such as more mini games, more clothes, more things to buy,
More things to do overall?

3: Will it run better on PC than GTA IV even if it has the same graphics engine, as we all know GTA IV was coded poorly so was this a lesson to be learnt for rockstar games and will they build a specific PC version or just port it again?

4: Will GTA V come as Rockstar's best ever game, will it be better than San Andreas?

5: (My question to everyone) What do you think about GTA V being set in Los Santos?

Please answer with your opinions.

I personally think it will be much much better than GTA IV but maybe not so much better than GTA San Andreas.

Thanks for your opinions.
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    OK let me answer to those in the same manner you asked them.
    1: GTA V WILL have better graphics than GTA IV.

    2: Whatever power the 720 might possess, the gameplay will be more or less the same on all the platforms. So don't think that you can get special features on other platforms. And this fact is true to almost all cross platform games.

    3: We PC gamers can do nothing BUT hope that Rockstar games have learnt from their mistakes.

    4: GTA V will be way better than GTA IV and it might be better than San Andreas. (San Andreas was a great game, so GTA V will have much to do to trump SA).

    5: After typing all that, my head feels a bit too light to think about that. LOL.
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